What is Love Addiction?

What is Love Addiction – How to Recognize the Signs

Love Addiction

What is love addiction? Love addiction is a compulsive craving and pursuit of romantic love, in an effort to gain a sense of security and self-worth from another person. However, once the intensity fades, after infatuation, the person is disappointed and empty once again. The negative consequences may be severe, yet the addicted individual clings to the belief that true love will fix all. Love addicts expend much effort on the subject of their addiction. Love addicts are desperate and experience emotional despair and usually have a fear of rejection or being alone. These individuals are hunters, in a sense. So, what is love addiction? One could say that love addiction is a desperate hunt for that special someone. The addict is addicted to the experience of falling in love, rather than the intimacy of an actual healthy relationship.

The addict is constantly preoccupied with finding "the one" and bases their life choices around the plight. Anything from finding the perfect thing to wear (or a complete overhaul on their wardrobe), hours at the gym, or engaging in hobbies that do not even interest them. The love addict may even change the way they interact with others if it might attract the object of their affection. When single, the love addict feels unworthy, alone, and desperate, that is, until they find someone new and feel the high of falling in love again.

When a love addict is in a relationship, as opposed to being in the "falling in love stage," they feel restless, unhappy, detached, and irritable because the rush is over. Historically, these people are obsessive compulsive and the addiction spills over into all areas of their lives.


Love addiction symptoms vary by the individual, however, the symptoms are typically similar. Be sure to look out for the following love addiction symptoms in yourself, or someone you know:

  • Compulsively using sex when single to fill the void
  • When single, they experience desperation and the feeling of being alone, or finding it unbearable to be alone
  • When they are finally in a relationship, they are desperate to please their partner and are in constant fear that their partner is unhappy
  • Compulsively searching for a romantic relationship
  • Choosing a partner who does not meet their needs or wants, but instead is demanding of a great deal of attention
  • Participating in activities that do not appeal to them, or that go against their beliefs just to please their partner
  • Letting other relationships fall by the wayside just to pacify, or to make their partner happy
  • Not leaving an abusive or toxic relationship despite promises to themselves or others – they find it almost impossible to do so
  • Using sex and manipulation to hold on to someone

If you are still wondering, "what is love addiction," or if any of these symptoms sound familiar, help is available at one of the love addiction treatment Fort Worth offers. Remember that those in romantic relationships may exhibit a few of these signs but that does not necessarily mean that either of the individuals are love addicts. Addiction is a pattern – a pattern of a few or more of these symptoms. Love addicts search for something outside their selves to provide security and emotional stability. There are twelve-step programs available to those who are suffering from love addiction. Call (817) 764-5728 for information on finding the love addiction treatment Fort Worth residents need to overcome this obsession.

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