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Prevention of Drug Abuse Among Youths: # Tips

Learn more about prevention of drug abuse among youths...   We are never more impressionable than when we are in our teenage years. With personalities developing and morals taking shape, it is a time when it is quite easy to digress down the wrong path. We are vulnerable, still trying to figur... Read More

MDMA Addiction Fast Facts

Read these fast facts on MDMA addiction...   MDMA generally known as ecstasy, is a psychoactive drug that is primarily used for recreational purposes. MDMA is an illegal drug that is a psychedelic as well as a stimulant. Thus, giving the user an energized feeling and also distorting time and p... Read More

Symptoms of Alcoholism

Understanding the Symptoms of Alcoholism...   The symptoms of alcoholism have far reaching consequences. Have you spotted these symptoms in yourself? Are you ready to make a change? Call Fort Worth Drug Treatment Centers at (817) 764-5728 to review your treatment options today. Symptom... Read More

About Steroid Abuse

The Problems Associated with Steroid Abuse...   Anabolic steroids are synthetic substances that mimic the male hormone, testosterone. Usually, anabolic steroids are prescribed by physicians in order to treat the low production of testosterone, due to certain health issues. There are medical be... Read More

Alcohol Detox Treatment

Alcohol Detox Centers & Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms...   Alcohol is infamous for its intense withdrawal process, a process punctuated by uncomfortable and potentially life threatening symptoms when not handled properly. Alcohol detox centers have sprung up left and right to help educate an... Read More

Inpatient Rehab Programs Fort Worth

Fort Worth Addiction Rehab Centers Near Me: Inpatient Rehab Programs Fort Worth...   Are you feeling lost? Has the drug use you had control of gotten out of hand? Are you wondering "where are the addiction rehab centers near me?" Or maybe you are a friend or family member of someone who has a ... Read More

What is Love Addiction?

What is Love Addiction – How to Recognize the Signs...   Love Addiction...   What is love addiction? Love addiction is a compulsive craving and pursuit of romantic love, in an effort to gain a sense of security and self-worth from another person. However, once the intensity fades, ... Read More

Fort Worth Dual Diagnosis and Drug Treatment

A dual diagnosis is the co-existence of a mental illness and a substance use disorder. There are a wide range of possible dual diagnosis interactions, with examples including depression disorder and alcoholism, panic disorder and sedative abuse, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and alcohol ... Read More

Fort Worth Cocaine Abuse Rehab

Fort Worth cocaine abuse rehabs offer what has become a necessary service over the past few years. Unlike other recreational drugs, cocaine started out as a popular product. A century ago, cocaine energy tonics were everywhere. The Erythroxylon coca leaf that cocaine comes from was also put to use i... Read More

Fort Worth Heroin Overdose Treatment

Rising heroin overdose rates in the United States are causing communities across the country to re-examine their options for handling drug abuse. What was once a problem seen in low-income urban neighborhoods has widened to encompass all levels of society. The growing concern over heroin overdose ra... Read More

Moral Reconation Therapy

Fort Worth Drug Treatment Centers understands the value of moral reconation therapy. This method of aftercare treatment has proven to be highly successful among recovering addicts. After detox is performed, the physical symptoms of addiction may be gone, but it is important for patients to continue ... Read More

Alcoholism Treatment

The effects of alcoholism can vary from person to person or even from men to women. The stress of workplace environments, family and spousal relationships can mentally and physically exhaust you and contribute to different patterns of drinking. For example, an alcoholic who maintains a job and famil... Read More

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