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Perhaps you began taking prescription medications to alleviate pain after an injury or chronic condition, calm your anxiety from a traumatic event or treat insomnia for a length of time. However, now that you are no longer in medical need of your painkillers or anti-anxiety medications, you experience the signs and symptoms of withdrawal when you do not take them. You are not alone. The Texas Department of Public Safety has reported a striking rise in the rate of addiction of prescription drug addiction in Fort Worth, TX, and has announced that prescription drug addiction is more prevalent than street drugs. The drug rehab programs of Fort Worth have responded with services that address the unique experience of addiction that painkillers, anti-anxiety medications and stimulant prescription drugs present in the community.

Addiction to Prescription Drugs

Chemical dependence is a serious medical condition that does not discriminate by age, gender or socioeconomic status. Teens, middle-aged adults and the elderly are equally vulnerable to the effects of prescription drug addiction and require drug treatment protocols to assist with a healthy and sustained recovery. Fort Worth Drug Treatment Centers understands that learning to positively cope without the use of dependence on drugs, adapting to alternative methods of pain management, and incorporating healthy mechanisms to deal with anxiety are all integral steps in the process of overcoming prescription drug addiction.

The Roles of Drug Rehabs in Fort Worth

Addiction is a disease that blocks the sufferer's insight with the mechanism of denial. In spite of legal entanglements, physical health risks and the disintegration of vital relationships, the addicted brain believes that the drug is the most important component to survival. Experienced physicians and nurses at drug rehabs in Fort Worth are dedicated to safely and comfortably restoring the affected person to a drug-free state, presenting them with the tools and skills required to sustain recovery and providing a network of supportive counselors, therapists and peer groups.

Intensive Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment

Depending on the severity of your chemical dependence, your personal situation may dictate treatment in an intensive outpatient setting or as a resident in one of the inpatient rehabilitation facilities Fort Worth is home to. If your home situation is supportive of your recovery and your resolve can withstand the triggers presented in your community, outpatient treatment plans may provide you with the healing environment and support required for sobriety.

However, chemical dependence to painkillers, alcohol or anti-anxiety medications frequently requires a medically supervised drug detox to assure a more safe and comfortable recovery. In addition, you may require the use of medications to lessen the physical and emotional response to side-effects associated with cleansing chemicals from your system. There are many Fort Worth drug rehab centers that provide detoxification of prescription drugs with experienced medical practitioners who monitor your vital signs and assist you with the undesirable symptoms of withdrawal.

A Plan for Healthy Recovery

Fort Worth Drug Rehab Centers understands that entering drug rehab facilities that provide safe detoxification for inpatient residents as well as therapy, counseling, and support, is often the best way to build a successful recovery. Your sobriety is a lifelong process that requires knowledge, insight and peer support for your personal plan of treatment. If you are struggling with prescription drug addiction, call (817) 764-5728 today. We can help you find rehabs in Fort Worth that are staffed by caring practitioners who are committed to helping you live a high quality of health and wellness.

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