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It is essential that when your loved ones leave treatment and rehabilitation centers that they are supported in every way possible. This does not necessarily mean financially, but emotional support can work wonders.

There are family programs that will help educate the friends and family of the suffering addict so they have a better understanding of the disease of addiction. These programs not only help with the recovery process for the addict, they also are part of the healing process for the family members as well. The more you are able to understand the disease of addiction and the effect it has taken on a person, it is easier to take steps toward a healthier life for all those involved.

By helping your loved one enter treatment, you've made a huge step of progress in the right direction. Sometimes it can be difficult to put your loved one into the care of others. The use of drugs can dramatically affect households and cause turmoil, which may have contributed to keeping the person in addiction. The next step is to acknowledge whether or not returning to the same living situation is the best place for them when they leave treatment.

Halfway Houses

An important part of relapse prevention is learning to acknowledge relapse triggers. These triggers initiate the cycle of physical craving and mental obsession for using or drinking in an addict. They can be sights, sounds, or even smells, but most notably can be based off emotions. Those who have been in addiction for a significant amount of time have become used to turning compulsively to drugs or alcohol as an escape, rather than dealing with their feelings and emotions in a healthy way. Sometimes their living situation can be one of their biggest triggers.

Halfway houses, also known as sober living homes, are homes where recovering addicts can live safely when leaving treatment. These homes have people with the common goal of maintaining sobriety, and can help one another in doing so.

In sober living homes, those who are newly sober and still feel inadequate compared to others, or are struggling with feelings of guilt and remorse, will be able to build a strong bond with others who feel the same. It can be a big help, when beginning to attend 12-step meetings, if the recovering individuals know that the people they are meeting in the program are dealing with similar feelings and issues.

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