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Making the choice to attend inpatient drug treatment centers is one of the most critical steps in the recovery process. It can be a tough obstacle to overcome, though, because there are many misconceptions surrounding the notion of inpatient drug treatments. If you have any ideas about rehabilitation at Fort Worth drug rehab facilities that are keeping you from seeking help, then read further to correct any common misconceptions so you can work toward recovery.

Drug Rehab Programs Brainwash Patients

Many addicts believe that rehab programs only work by brainwashing their patients into believing falsehoods about addiction. In reality, the drugs are literally doing the brainwashing. Drugs work by altering the brain's chemical distribution. This causes impairment in a number of cognitive tasks, including decision-making and inhibition. Drug rehab centers in Fort Worth, Texas, teach patients coping mechanisms and multiple techniques to ensure a long-lasting recovery. The dedicated staff at these centers work to enable patients to combat their own addiction during treatment and for the rest of their lives.

Rehab Facilities Stress the Importance of Religion

This is another common misconception that comes from the fact that many rehab programs stress the importance of spirituality. Spirituality and religion are two very distinct things, and most rehab centers do not require you to believe in any one religion. Just recognizing the fact that there are greater forces than ourselves in this universe can be integral to the recovery process by building your inner strength and confidence.

Rehabilitation Doesn't Work

Although recovery sometimes can take several tries before it is successful, statistics have repeatedly shown that attending rehabilitation programs increases the amount of time spent sober and contributes to lasting recovery. Rehabs are also effective at treating dual diagnosis patients who have an underlying mental or emotional disorder that may contribute and complicate their addiction.

Rehab Is a Lonely and Depressing Institution

Most rehab programs are comprised of a compassionate community and staff where patients can find healthy encouragement and support to ensure a lasting sobriety. Except when they are court mandated, rehab facilities are voluntary. This means that patients are able to come and go whenever they would like. There are rules and structure at rehab programs, but that is another part of the treatment methods that engender long-term success.

Rehab "Cures" Addiction

Many people believe that once they attend inpatient drug rehabilitation facilities, they will be completely cured from their ailment. Although one should hold a positive outlook during recovery, it is not true that rehabs can cure addiction. Addiction is categorized as a lasting neuropathological disease that must be addressed with a lifelong recovery plan. Drug rehab centers offer counseling to help patients create and commit to such a plan.

Fort Worth Drug Treatment Programs

Most drug rehab programs offer medically-managed drug detox to help their patients make it through detoxification as comfortably and safely as possible. Subsequently, patients will begin a number of group and individual therapies. This allows the patients to learn the causes of addiction and thereby learn how to cope with it. If you or a loved one need help finding expert drug treatment programs, then now is the time to give Fort Worth Drug Treatment Centers a call at (817) 764-5728. We will answer any questions you might have and help you find treatment options that will get you started on the road to recovery.

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