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What is Addiction?

There are many stereotypes that surround the term drug addict. Many people believe that they may only have a problem if they've hit rock bottom. This is not the case. One does not have to be jobless, homeless, or financially insecure to be considered an addict. These situations happen to many people all over the world, but this does not mean that they have a problem with alcohol or drug addiction. Addiction is a disease that affects the mind and body, causing a person to not be in control over their drinking or using.

There are certain signs to look for that can indicate that you may be suffering from addiction, but the disease is one that can be cunning and baffling. If you've ever found yourself saying that you were going to limit yourself but were unable to do so, this is the biggest indication. When someone is addicted to a drug, their body and mind are dependent on the substance. Once they take the first drink or drug, they are unable to stop until they run out of the resources to do so.

Sometimes there are instances of the person being able to "white knuckle" the situation and abstain for significant lengths of time. When they fall to the delusion that they do not have a problem and return to using, they find that they're using brought them right back to where they left off.

Help for Addiction

Addiction is a disease that there is no cure for, but recovery is possible. In Fort Worth, TX, there are many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers that offer hope to those with a desire to stop living the way that they have been. Through addiction therapy and a medical detox, patients are able to begin recovering from this disease.

Addicts have become built a chemical dependence for their substance of choice that not only causes symptoms of withdrawal, but intensifies cravings. Each client will go through a detoxification process that will help ease the symptoms of withdrawal, and put them in a position to learn a new way of living. Behavior treatment is used to retrain the brain to find healthier ways to handle life without the use of drugs or alcohol.

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