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Intervention is More Than a Confrontation

Many people who have loved ones with drug and alcohol problems are afraid to take the steps necessary to initiate recovery. Although an addicted person may show signs of irritation or defensiveness during an intervention, often, deep down that person knows that the members of the intervention have their best interest at heart. Members of an intervention are encouraged to develop the right strategies to enable them to change their addictive behavior. The staff at Fort Worth Drug Treatment Centers can assist in making an intervention for alcohol and drug rehab as successful as possible.

Why Intervention Works

Intervention can convince people to enter drug treatment centers for several reasons. If done properly, an intervention can help addicts realize that they have a problem with substance abuse and thus can lead to admittance into alcohol rehab or drug rehab treatment centers. Moreover, an intervention can help an addict make changes before tragedy occurs.


What Drug Treatment Facilities or Alcohol Treatment Centers Can Do

Staff members at alcohol treatment centers can help the family of an addict to stage an intervention that will be strong and effective. First, the intervention specialist will meet with the family members and discuss the addicted person's strengths, weaknesses and past. The intervention specialist will also investigate the root causes of the addict's addiction. The objective is for the specialist to figure out how to effectively persuade the addict to seek help at drug rehab centers that have the right drug addiction rehab programs. Interventions are meant to hit the addicted person on an emotional level because sometimes it is the last hope for that person to effectively seek help.


Intervention Tactics

A professional interventionist will work with the family to stage the right type of setting to convince the addicted person to seek recovery and undergo a drug detox or alcohol detox. An intervention should always be performed by a professional and should include only friends or family members. It is also important that it be staged when the addict is sober so that they can fully understand the reason for the intervention.

If the addict decides to seek treatment, Fort Worth Drug Treatment Centers can help him or her find a drug treatment center with dedicated staff who have the experience to create an individualized treatment plan that leads to a successful recovery.


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