Symptoms of Alcoholism

Understanding the Symptoms of Alcoholism

The symptoms of alcoholism have far reaching consequences. Have you spotted these symptoms in yourself? Are you ready to make a change? Call Fort Worth Drug Treatment Centers at (817) 764-5728 to review your treatment options today.

Symptoms of Alcoholism

If you think you might be an alcoholic, ask yourself the questions below. Remember to be honest with yourself.

  • Have you convinced yourself that you can cease imbibing anytime you want to, even though you continue getting inebriated when you do not intend do? Many people believe they are in control of their drinking and think they can stop whenever they want to. But realistically, once you drink – you cannot stop.
  • Do you experience "blackouts" when you drink? Are there nights, or part of night, that you cannot remember because you were drunk?
  • Have you, at any point, decided to stop drinking for a period, and you did not last for that time? Numerous people have made promises to their families and themselves but have failed to keep them.
  • Are you irritated when people try to discuss your drinking with you? This may be a sign of denial.
  • Has your drinking been causing you issues at home? There are many people who blame their drinking on their home environment and the people there. You will come to learn the drinking just makes everything worse.
  • Are you starting to feel like your quality of life would improve if you stop drinking? Drinking may seem to make things better at first. As time goes on, people usually realize that it makes things worse.
  • Do you "call in sick" or miss class because of your drinking? Many alcoholics tend to "call in sick" because of the effects of drinking (hangover).
  • Do you "double-fist" it at parties? Getting more than one drink at a time because you are worried that you will not be able to get a second drink fast enough should indicate that you have a serious issue. Some individuals also "pre-game" so that they are buzzed enough before the party.
  • Honestly, have you had any problems in connection with your drinking, be it legal, health, or otherwise?
  • Are you envious of those who can drink in a normal fashion? Every alcoholic has wondered this exact thing one time or another.
  • Do you need a drink to start the day, or to calm the shakiness you are experiencing upon awakening? This is a physical sign of alcoholism. You should seek help as soon as possible.
  • Have you switched from liquor to beer believing that it would keep you from becoming intoxicated? Alcoholics often think they have found "the trick" to drinking normally. The hard truth is that there is no trick to drinking for alcoholics. Abstinence is the only way.

Did you answer "yes" at least four times? If you did, you may be an alcoholic. If you are thinking, "what is a functioning alcoholic?" call Fort Worth Drug Treatment Centers for more information.

Physical Signs of Alcoholism

At first, you may experience symptoms of alcoholism such as blackouts or have bumps and bruises you cannot explain, or even illnesses that you cannot explain. Stomach cramps may manifest or another existing health problem could get worse. As time wears on, the symptoms may include:

  • Upset stomach
  • Changes in appetite and weight loss
  • Redness around your nose and cheeks
  • Tingling in hands or feet

Are you or a loved one suffering the symptoms of alcoholism or if you are wondering, "what is a functioning alcoholic?" please call Fort Worth Drug Treatment Centers at (817) 764-5728. The professional staff members can help you locate rehab facility that will best suit your needs and ensure you receive the tools you need to succeed post-rehab.




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