Prevention of Drug Abuse Among Youths: # Tips

Learn more about prevention of drug abuse among youths

We are never more impressionable than when we are in our teenage years. With personalities developing and morals taking shape, it is a time when it is quite easy to digress down the wrong path. We are vulnerable, still trying to figure out who we are. Feeling liked and accepted is generally of great concern to the younger generation, so it is no surprise that dabbling in drugs is often cited to fit in with the "it crowd". According to CBS News report from 2012, some 42.5 percent of teens between the ages 13 to 18 have tried an illicit substance. This frightening statistic gives us great cause for concern. Those who try alcohol and drugs in their younger years are more likely than those who abstain to develop addiction issues later in life. Gt your pens out and learn about prevention of drug abuse among youths.

In this article, we discuss the prevention of drug abuse among youths and learn how can we prevent drug abuse- give some tips on how to try to steer someone you love in the right direction.

Be Open

Kids, as we know, like to do the opposite of what adults tell them. It is human nature to want to explore the forbidden, so never treat drugs as a dirty word. It is important to demonstrate openness about the topic of illicit substances and invite your teen to give their opinions. This transparency aids in building a level of trust and they will be more likely to confide in you.


Education in the damage of drug abuse is everyone's responsibility. Schools and parents need to collaboratively educate their young on the dangers of addiction on both the dependent and their loved ones and community. Enlisting the help of a recovering addict to deliver a speech to young people is helpful, as it makes the severity of addiction more real in their eyes. Furthermore, it is important to explain to youths that addiction does not discriminate, and it is naive to think that they are safe from succumbing to the disease.

Early Intervention

Teaching young people about the dangers of drugs should start as early as possible. It is in the years before 10 years of age that are most impressionable for a child, so chatting to them about drugs at this stage will likely stick with them.

Show and Tell

There are lots of YouTube videos on the topic of addiction that are suitable for children, so why not stick one on and view it with them? Drug taking affects the looks and appearance of a user, and this can make an impact on teens. As youths are often more concerned with physicality as opposed to health, showing the damage on one's appearance can be the kicker for some.

Become Engaged

Engage your child or teen in an activity that they enjoy. Children who are involved in sports or other extracurricular activities are less likely to be influenced by peer pressure. This is due to their time being filled with healthy interests, thus leaving them with less time to be idle and curious.

Reward Good Behaviour

While this sounds a little like bribery, it is not the intention. We mention reward more so in the sense of building your young person up. Praise and love will fill them with confidence and aid them to grow up self-assured and well rounded.

While there is never a sure-fire way of avoiding drug taking in youths, these measures may assist. With addiction increasingly causing a burden on our health care industry, we are passionate about prevention rather than cure. Prevention of drug abuse in youths is possible; we need to come together to make it happen.

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