Moral Reconation Therapy

Fort Worth Drug Treatment Centers understands the value of moral reconation therapy. This method of aftercare treatment has proven to be highly successful among recovering addicts. After detox is performed, the physical symptoms of addiction may be gone, but it is important for patients to continue with a therapy, which will handle the mental component of this disease.

Moral reconation therapy (MRT) is a treatment plan to decrease substance abuse and relapse by increasing levels of moral reasoning. This cognitive behavioral form of therapy (CBT) combines parts of many psychological traditions to discover and foster positive ego, social, moral, and behavioral growth.

Moral reconation therapy occurs in group and single counseling sessions in which structured group exercises are performed and homework assignments are given and reviewed in the next meeting.

How It Works

MRT theorizes that deficient levels of moral reasoning are faulty and using this reasoning results in faulty decisions when trying to distinguish what's appropriate and inappropriate. If moral reasoning is not addressed, harmful decisions will continue. It's important to point out the connections to addicts and the impacts these connections have.

People with low levels of moral reasoning must face the negative consequences of their actions and the impacts it has on their loved ones as well as society at large. These low levels are typically found in people with addictions. Addicts cultivate beliefs that rationalize inappropriate actions. The long-term and and continuing negative lifestyle flourishes, due to no acknowledgement of the connected harmful consequences stemming from inappropriate actions. As long as these connections are ignored, low levels of moral reasoning will continue to rule decision-making.

Moral Reconation Statistics

MRT motivates participants to move away from pleasure seeking and the avoidance of pain reasoning to productive reasoning where concern for society's rules and other people becomes important. Research shows people who attend MRT, do the exercises and complete the homework assignments show moral reasoning increases in adult addicts. Research has shown MRT program participants relapse less than those without participation in MRT.

Getting Moral Reconation Therapy

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