Fort Worth Cocaine Abuse Rehab

Fort Worth cocaine abuse rehabs offer what has become a necessary service over the past few years. Unlike other recreational drugs, cocaine started out as a popular product. A century ago, cocaine energy tonics were everywhere. The Erythroxylon coca leaf that cocaine comes from was also put to use in the then-new Coca-Cola, and marketed as a refreshing drink.

Effects of Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine abuse and the abuse of crack (the source form from which cocaine is derived) is seriously risky behavior. Around one in five of all people who try the drug become trapped in addiction. Addiction isn't the only risk involved. Exposure to the drug causes long-term damage to the brain, and serious physical ill-effects.

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Why Do People Prefer to Use Cocaine?

Unlike heroin or methamphetamine, the pleasure of cocaine comes from the drug's stimulating effects -- users tend to experience powerful libido for the duration of the drug's effect, euphoria, confidence and energy. The euphoria comes from the way the drug interferes with the action of the brain's dopamine neurotransmitter. Excessive exposure to dopamine also tends to create obsessive love of cocaine, and physical dependency. Attempting to withdraw can disrupt the brain's chemical balance, and cause serious health effects.

Treating Cocaine Abuse

While cocaine use creates heightened alertness, withdrawing from cocaine after regular use can lead to a sense of numbness inside. After the high of cocaine, recreational users also tend to experience crushing depression -- the brain has no more dopamine for pleasure. Naturally, the brain begins to immediately crave its next fix. The withdrawal symptoms can make it hard for users to quit, too. These can be too much for any addict to handle. Finding qualified residential drug rehab centers is the smartest move that an addict can make.

How Do Residential Rehabs Help?

Residential rehabs offer patients the benefit of their own expert team of doctors, mental health professionals and caregivers for the medical, psychological and physical support that they need. Fort Worth addiction specialists evaluate each patient individually to work out individualized rehab programs, as well. Such care is rarely available with the outpatient model. Seek out your local Narcotics Anonymous group ( after initial treatment in order to avoid relapse. It's not too late to take your life back. Call (817) 764-5728 for more information on Fort Worth drug detox centers today!

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